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Much of Leadville from over 150 years ago remains.  Father time has destroyed many, but not all of these spectacular buildings which stand in proud monument to one of the nation’s most prominent boom towns in the nation’s history.

The Museums

The museums of Leadville encompass virtually every facet of Leadville history.


Some are theme oriented, like the famous Matchless Mine tour, the Tabor Opera House tour and the Tabor Home tour.


Others are more generic, featuring unique exhibits like the Heritage Museum which has one of the finest 10th Mountain Division displays in the country.


The Healy House, owned and operated by the Colorado Historical Society is a magnificent 3-story depiction of early 1878 life in Leadville.


The House With the Eye offers up some of the most intriguing architecture of the period as well as some of most unique exhibits from Leadville’s past.